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Deft Application of The Evocative Metals

Glorious, luxurious gold.

WalkleyArt. providing resplendent gilding for over 30 years to an array of luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, and the finest homes. Integrating with my art work, I have globally liaised with Architects, Decorators, Owners, and Major Builders, and my list of Commercial Clients includes the luxurious Singapore Four Seasons Hotel, private palaces in Nassim Road, the Cairns Hilton Hotel, the yet to open West Side Place Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Crown Casino, Melbourne’s Arts District Hamer Hall, Sydney’s Barangaroo, and several contemporary restaurants, bars, homes, and clubs in Spain. Recently, I completed the finest of 24kt. high-burnished gold leaf gilding for renowned, and globally shown, Hyperreal Sculptor, Sam Jinks.


Given the contemporary availability of so many precious and semi-precious metals, I can create a subtle, subdued emphasis, or embellish entire walls and ceilings with a bright, burnished gleam in almost every shade of gold, silver, copper, brass, champagne, and palladium. In the right hands, these metals bring light and lustre to a myriad of internal and external surfaces and substrates.


Please scroll through my galleries to view just some of the variances achievable, and please feel free to contact me should you have any enquiry.

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