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“Let them eat cake!!”


Gold, silver and other precious metal gilding began long before this infamous utterance entered the vernacular in the impeccable Versailles. It was the Lapis-inlaid and beaten Gold sarcophagus of Ancient Egypt’s Tutankhamun that was the first incredible splendour to snatch my childhood in and away from the wonders of nature.


My grandfather fossicked alluviums, and he passed his crucibles and histories on to me. His was a youth brightened by more than one campfire with Australia’s infamous Kelly Boys.


Is it any wonder that gold had entered my veins?




Treading a fine line between modern and classic, I have restored water gilded gold antique mirrors, applied pure gold leaf gilding to the Pope’s Liturgical Furniture, through to gilding over 1,350 square meters of contemporary commercial ceilings for ARM and Heritage Australia.


Working with the top Architects and Decorators from Sydney to Spain, Singapore to Shanghai, L.A. to Aix en Provence, I have gilded contemporary commercial ventures, chic designer homes, and traditional luxury interiors, creating exquisite, timely, and expertly delivered luxurious elegance.


Please take a browse through my gallery to see the incredible variance of application and resultant ambiences from the once Imperial, still precious and impeccable, sort after, fought over, hoarded and revered timeless lustre and beauty of glorious gold.

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