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Eurobay. Expansion.Sydney

This high profile restaurant is located in Brighton Le Sands, Sydney in the heart of the busy cafe/restaurant strip on the Grand Parade.The existing interiors were cold and uninviting; called in to trouble shoot, I quickly saw that the severely cold minimilist design was utterly un appetising and did not suit the local well travelled clientele. Dinner, discussions then my  designs were submitted; I utilised what ever I could from the existing interior including painting inside the existing flat white light panel set in a beautiful timber veneered wall, changing it from ghostly white to a vibrant contemporary artwork and warm light source.  Much was moved or removed, the walls repainted and some were waxed. Several cohesive paintings on canvas, perspex, glass , mixed media and story boarded montage works were completed in the Walkley Art studio in Sydney. Marcus asked all associated with the restaurant to bring him any trash, tourist souvenirs, tickets and sentimental records left in their suitcases after the summers in Europe. He took this and humorously story boarded the contents in framed montages. The constant entertainment value and comments to the owner lead him to contact Marcus again and armed with another suitcase of memorabilia Marcus extended the wall of amusing artwork montaged memories and make believe.

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