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Timeless, enduring and amazingly versatile, the employment of gold leaf,  precious and other semi-precious metals is found in several acclaimed and ancient civilisations. Revered for its unique lustre and possibilities,  contemporary gold leaf is available in a vast variety of mixes, tones, colours and textures. Silver leaf is also produced and chemically treated into a myriad of colours. At WalkleyArt we enjoy global supplies of this vast array of products. Our long acquired skills allow us to apply the leaf in seemingly inexhaustible techniques and styles, from bespoke contemporary through to the classics. With a folio including The Worlds Leading Hotels, vast Public buildings,  high end entry lobbies and feature walls, contemporary boutiques,  luxury homes and gilding for the finest of renowned  furniture designers. Always loving our job, even vast applications require the finest attention to detail. This is our art. 

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