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Four Seasons. Singapore

When you step into the lobby of this luxurious Hotel you are greeted by the richly gilded dome by Marcus Walkley. A trellis of gold, silver and copper leaf is further enhanced by fine burnishing techniques and rich Oriental glazes. On completion he submitted further gilding samples to the Hotel Decorator, Lisa Garris, "Plum Design West" and to the G.M. who further commissioned Marcus to carry his gilding throughout the palatial ground floor bar and restaurant area. Marcus extended the opulent black and gold of the polished marble and brass to seamlessly integrate bamboo as a subtle screening and treated the many column capitals with mixed foil gilding and glazes illustrating their position and drawing the eye upwards. “The original gilding to the dome had suffered from moisture invasion. Firstly the substrate needed rehabilitating and resurfacing, then throughout the gilding processes I paid respect to the Hotels exalted position as one of the Worlds Best Hotels and its Oriental location in the social, business and tourist whirl of Singapore where it remains an impeccable jewel in the Four Seasons crown.”

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