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Hamer Hall. Melbourne

‘I LOVED THIS PLACE BEFORE.....IT’S EVEN BETTER NOW.” K.D.LANG. CANADIAN SINGER/SONG WRITER............. ‘IT’S OUR NEWLY POLISHED JEWEL!’ JANET WHITING. ARTS CENTRE TRUST PRESIDENT............. ARM Architecture was appointed to design the $128.5 million redevelopment of Hamer Hall, the first stage of the Southbank Cultural Precinct Redevelopment. The Alliance/Baulderstone appointed Marcus, director of WalkleyArt to collaborate with them and to indicate where the original gilding to the ceilings extending over five floors could be rehabilitated and by what processes, and to apply in excess of 1,350 square meters of new gold foil gilding to both existing and new ceiling surfaces. “The redevelopment was approved by Heritage Victoria and involved rigorous documentation and management processes to ensure its heritage features would be treated sensitively.” WalkleyArt provided thorough and detailed analyses of all gilded surface areas, including on site appraisals to ARM Architects and the Alliance Members followed by extensive project management and costings documentation. Sections of the works were completed off site in the Walkley Art studio, while the broad expanses of perfectly fanned lineal gold gilding to the ceilings were applied directly on site. David Simmonds and Stewart Graeme-Crombie Photography

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