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Karma Kandara Resort. Bali

Karma Kandara Resort in Bali is acclaimed in “The Worlds Leading Resorts” and “Leading Hotels of the World”. Occupying a spectacular cliff top high above the Indian Ocean at the farthest extremes of an elevated limestone peninsula at Bali’s southernmost tip; Uluatu.  The property features a wide choice of luxury Bali villas and accompanying amenities that redefine first class “When I first arrived on site with Lisa Garriss of Plum Design West this devastatingly beautiful resort was about 12 months from completion. Walking onto the bare cement bones of DiMare Restaurant perched 90 meters above a turquoise lagoon was instantly inspiring. Here where Olympus meets Bali Gods was to be my home and studio for the next 3 months. The fabled hospitality of the Karma GM and staff, and the glorious seascapes with the cracking roar of the Indian Ocean rollers unleashing their force, exploding in pure white foam on the lagoons protective reef provided an endless vibrancy for my paintings that followed, including the Reception triptych, "Ganesha's Lagoon”, the 10 panel silver leaf and resin DiMare TempleBar installation , Business Lounge artworks and others.

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